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Enjoy your winter sleep under natural fibre bedding, handcrafted by talented artisans in the small Karoo town of Richmond.

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This is why you will love natural fibre bedding!

Temperature regulating

Natural fibres will keep you cooler in summer, and warmer in winter and give you deeper, longer sleep.

Sweat reduction

Through its natural moisture management properties, your duvet will keep you drier for longer - no more sweaty sleeps.

Totally hypoallergenic

Natural fibres repel dust mites, so your allergies will be significantly reduced. You'll experience less sneezing and red eyes caused by dust mite faeces.

Environmentally friendly

No harming of animals, or use of plastic that will pollute our water sources with microplastics. Our pure wool and cotton casings are 100% biodegradable. Our wool is sourced from Namaqualand, processed in Paarl and sent to us in Richmond - a much smaller carbon footprint!


We conducted a survey with over 300 customers in May 2024 to get feedback on whether their Karoo Creations products lived up to the promises we made about better sleep, sustainability and quality. The results were absolutely phenomenal. The predominant word that kept reappearing time after time was “quality”. We are absolutely thrilled to know that we are delivering what we promise! 

1 %

Looking for better sleep, nearly 60% of our customers have removed down duvets from their beds, and changed to wool. 

1 %

Almost all our clients surveyed want sustainable, eco-friendly and low carbon footprint bedding.

1 %

After sleeping under their duvets, and seeing the quality of the product, value for money was rated as “exceptional”

and quality...

All our natural fibre bedding products are made by specialised crafts-people from our factory in a small town in the Karoo. We work with mostly artisanal processes. These handcrafted items are produced on a very different timeframe from the mass-produced retail counterparts.

Since our products are customised and made only on request, this results in a longer delivery time than mass-manufactured products. Once the order has been placed and paid for, we will contact you and notify you of the start and progress of the work until the product is shipped.

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Customer reviews

We use an independent organisation to collate our reviews. Read the feedback our happy customers have given about our store, their products and shopping experiences with Karoo Creations. 

Marina P
Marina P
Wool Pillows
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Love love love love. My husband has developed an allergy for the down bedding that we had previously so we bought the pillow to try it out. I was so concious about not wanting to buy plastic bedding that would contribute to our plastic problem that the instagram add came just in time! My husband is not allergic to the wool pillow and it is such a firm lovely pillow I am very jealous and will get myself one soon.
Alpaca Duvet
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I ordered an Alpaca woolen duvet from Karoo Creations. When it arrived, I was surprised to see that it was quite thin compared to my previous down duvet and was skeptical. However I found it every bit as warm and probably even more comfortable. I am delighted with it. Thank you for your product and your friendly and very efficient service. This is a company that really cares about their product and their customer satisfaction.
Winter wool duvet
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We received our duvet just in time for this freezing cold long weekend. By far the best duvet I have slept under. No stuffy noses, warm, comfy & superb quality! Thanks Aubrey, Lionel and the rest of your team. Definitely looking forward to this cold, Karoo winternights.

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