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Where it all began

Level 5 lockdown hit us with a bang. Our little guest establishment, The Richmond Karoo Small Hotel, was forced to close its doors. And we had R1,300 left in the bank. We needed to find an alternative (…and legal…) source of income during what was to become a really long lockdown.

Aubrey had been playing around with the idea of wool duvets for a while, and we made a decision to risk everything to make a few duvets to tide us over until we could re-open our hotel doors to guests. Thankfully, Aubrey’s gran had taught him to sew, and he had an ancient old Empisal domestic sewing machine. Using what little cash we had left, we ordered a bit of fabric, found a wool supplier, launched a website and social media and left the rest to destiny. 

At the start of the COVID pandemic, in March 2020, we sold our first duvet! By December 2020 we had made over 200! We ploughed back the profits into the business and we can now proudly say we have a fully set up workshop with cutting tables, industrial sewing machines, 2 quilting machines and two imported wool carders. We also managed to keep all of our staff during lockdown, and even employed more.

Over the 4 years since we started, we have invested in upskilling our staff, refined processes, acquired new equipment and machinery. We are always refining our processes and learn something new every day.

As we make plans for 2024, with the challenges of doing business in SA, we look forward to it with a passionate team of 11 people. They have been trained in a meticulous manufacturing process and have become craftsmen and women using purely artisanal processes. We are like family! We are very excited to be in our new factory building. It has plenty of space for expansion too. We will soon start work on our new retail shop at the factory too!

Some more info on our little Karoo Creations Family:

Aubrey is the Founder and CEO. He spent many years in corporate banking and in 2011 started his first guesthouse in Auckland Park, Joburg.  After also spending many years in corporate medical insurance, his partner in life and work Lionel joined the hospitality business in 2013 and the business expanded to us running 5 guesthouses! They were happy and crazy times and we learned allot! Particularly what guests require. Looking for another opportunity, we decided to relocate to a small town in the rural Karoo called Richmond. Which much blood, sweat, tears and late nights, we renovated and reopened the old Masonic/Belsana hotel. COVID hit us badly and it’s when we started Karoo Creations.

Here we are 4 years later with a thriving business that’s improving the lives of our employees, and most importantly, our clients. 

Aubrey heads up the business and his wealth of knowledge with digital marketing has been most beneficial for the brand! He is the brains behind the online marketing on social media and built our website and assists with training for all the staff. He often spends a few hours behind a sewing machine! He has the vision for new product launches and the future of the business.

Lionel works behind the scenes and deals with client and supplier enquiries and is normally the first contact clients have with the business when placing orders and when they call or email with enquiries. 

In the wool and fleece processing division are Ferdian and Petrus. They process and card the wool and Alpaca-fleece, ready for quilting. 

Dawid and Emuel are very skilled craftsmen and quilt your duvets and mattress toppers into beautiful products. 

Assisting them are Bruezien, Betty and Nomsa, who work with the fabrics, wash the Alpaca-fleeces when needed to ensure they are ready for quilting . They also make the wool-filled pillows. 

From there the duvets and mattress toppers move to Nathan and Mondre’s area, where the products are sized and cut and once completed, quality checked. They are also responsible for boxing the products. 

In the sewing department, Beth is in charge of processes with her seamstresses Angelique and Eleanor. They are responsible for the final stages of the products where they are closed and the necessary labels are added. They also make the beautiful Egyptian cotton duvet covers and pillow cases. 

Overseeing the production is Alida. With many years experience in logistics and warehousing, she brings a wealth of knowledge and has a meticulous eye for detail. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the Karoo Creations family, and hope you’ll invest in better sleep soon. 

In the media & press

We had a half page article written about us in The Daily Maverick’s first print edition! 

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South Africa’s intrepid motoring journo, Marius Roberts, did a segment on his online series about our hotel and Karoo Creations

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TWYG featured 11 local wool entrepreneurs, and Karoo Creations was featured as one of those! We got to meet many of these talented people at the Karoo Winter Wool Festival held at the end of June 2022 in Middelburg in the Eastern Cape

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