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Karoo Creations Wool Duvets

Life in the Karoo...

Karoo Creations is a small boutique wool and Alpaca sleep product manufacturer based in South Africa’s Great Bo-Karoo semi-desert. We are located in the quaint Victorian town of Richmond, halfway between Johannesburg and Cape Town, on the main N1 highway. With only two main streets, a supermarket, petrol station, hardware store and a bank as the main enterprises, there are many other small businesses run by passionate, friendly and down-to-earth people in the town.

Here we know our neighbours and townspeople. We wave at each other in the street, or pop in for a chat and a coffee. Life is slow here. Life is good here. 

Wool is an integral part of life in the Karoo. Richmond is surrounded by extensive sheep farms where wool is produced from Merino and other breeds. 

Wool Duvets South Africa

Aubrey Williams heads up Karoo Creations, and is responsible for the marketing, design and manufacture of our bespoke products.  Lionel Millard takes care of the admin, orders, inquiries, stock and courier.  The guys are supported by an amazing team of local people that have been up-skilled. 

Karoo Creations operates out of Richmond’s original Masonic Hotel, built in the 1880’s.

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