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Ethical products... always.

Our aim is for our products to be the antithesis of the 1960’s plastic revolution. We have designed them to have the least possible impact on the environment and planet. 

Where does our wool come from?

Great farmers are critical to the quality of the wool we use, critical to the success of their flocks, and absolutely essential for our ethically made products.

Wool growers in South Africa, and even more so here in the Karoo, are passionate and work hard to look after their sheep and their land.

Sheep have been integrated into the natural environment of the Karoo for centuries and help maintain it. As part of our ethical sourcing policy, our wool suppliers have committed to exceptionally high standards of animal welfare, responsible use of land and water resources, and sustainable farming practices.

The sheep producing the wool for our duvets are treated humanely, are well-fed, live natural and healthy lives, and are not subjected to harmful practices like mulesing. This means, you’re getting the highest-quality ethically sourced wool products.

Our wool suppliers can also trace the wool back to the farm of origin, and can certify the environmentally friendly practices used when scouring and carbonising the wool we use. 

What is an Alpaca?

An alpaca is a domesticated species of the South American camel family. They originate from the Andes of Southern Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Northern Chile where they were kept in herds that grazed on the plains. An adult alpaca is around 90 cm in height at the shoulder and weighs 60-84 kgs. Alpacas are beautiful and are bred specifically for their soft luxurious fibre. There are two breeds; the Huacaya and the Suri. Huacaya alpacas produce a dense, soft crimpy sheep like fibre, and the Suri produces silky pencil-like locks, resembling dread-locks.

  • Alpacas are kind to the soil and use efficient amounts of land allowing a few hectares to be a viable farm.
  • As members of the Camelid family, alpacas are hardy and can adapt to harsh conditions.
  • Alpacas are easy to handle and can become very friendly pets.
  • The gentle nature of alpacas allow them to easily co-inhabit existing infrastructure with other animals.
  • Alpaca fibre is a sought after natural fibre therefore one does not slaughter the animal.
  • The protective nature and wisdom of male alpacas provide the perfect herd guards for sheep.
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